Dr. Simone Baglioni is a lecturer in Politics at GCU Glasgow School for Business and Society. Simone has a Ph.D in Political Science, University of Geneva, a Laurea (MA degree) in Political Science, University of Florence, and a Pier certificate, Sciences-Po Paris. 
He has worked in the last three years on a EU funded comparative research focused on the effects of  unemployment on young people social and political inclusion across seven countries (www.younex.unige.ch). His next research focuses on the Europeanisation of Civil Society Organisations delivering Welfare state-related services. 
Previously, Simone has worked on issues of unemployment, migration, and refugees, on EU and UN funded research. His main research interests include: (un)employment politics and policy in a comparative perspective (including the EU level); the role of civil society organisations in labour and social policies in Europe; social exclusion and poverty, in particular the effect of unemployment and precariousness on individual wellbeing and health; political participation and social capital of the European youth. 
He is currently co-editing a book entitled "Civil Society, Unemployment and Precarious Work in Europe" (to be published by Palgrave in 2012), and has published several articles and book chapters.

Research Fellow

Telephone: +44 (0)141 273 1329
Email: micaela.mazzei@gcu.ac.uk


Dr. Micaela Mazzei is a Research Fellow at the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health, Glasgow Caledonian University.  She has studied political science and sociology at the University of Florence.  She holds a Master Degree in Applied Social Research from the University of Manchester and a PhD in human geography from Durham University.  Dr Mazzei is currently working on the EFESEIIS (Enabling the Flourishing and Evolution of Social Entrepreneurship for Innovation and Inclusive Societies) project (FP7) and has extensively researched the social economies of northern English city regions (Greater Manchester and Tyne and Wear) both as an academic and a consultant for a think-tank in Manchester.