Health Economics

The focus of the Health Economics Group at GCU is to conduct research on the development and application of methods of economic evaluation as applied to health care priority setting and assessment of specific interventions in various settings, focussing on three main areas:

1. Frameworks to address NHS priority setting challenges, including evaluation of public health and health care interventions and initiatives promoting broader aspects of wellbeing;

2. Methods for eliciting the preferences and values of patients and populations with respect to how society might set health care priorities and what these priorities might be; and

3. Extending methodological and applied approaches to evaluation of projects and innovations in the Third Sector.

We undertake applied economic evaluations of health interventions and population health policies in collaboration with research groups locally, nationally and internationally.  Within GCU, we work closely with the Safeguarding Health through Infection Protection Programme and the NMAHP Research Unit. We also work closely with Health and Social Care Partnerships in Scotland on developing frameworks for managing scarcity. This work links closely with that of the Centre on microcredit and social business as the Third Sector’s potential role in providing services and public health intervention is increasingly recognised.

The group has a track record of methodological research investigating and developing techniques for the elicitation of preferences and social values. Recently this work has focussed specifically on understanding the value attached to health gains at the End of Life.

Health Economics Working Paper Series (HEWPS)NMAHP and MRC project website

Funding for our work has come from MRCCSONIHR, the European Commission and Scottish Government.