VISA Information

Important Visa Information

All international students from non-EU/ EEA countries and Switzerland will require a Short-Term Study visa to attend the GCU’s International Summer School. The Visa Immigration Support and Advice (VISA) Team at GCU are trained to give you advice and assistance on the application process and can check any supporting documents for you before your submission.

If you are considering or have already applied to attend one of our courses please contact the VISA Team for further information and guidance:

The application process normally takes three weeks and can be submitted at your nearest visa processing centre up to 3 months before your course begins once we have confirmed your place.

Please be aware that the website appears to indicate that non-visa nationals do not require a visa to enter the UK. To clarify, a non-visa national coming to participate in a course for fewer than 6 months does require UK immigration permission but can secure the correct visa at port of entry to the UK rather than in advance of travel. If you intend to do this you will still require a letter of support from the University and should carry all the required supporting documents in your hand luggage. We strongly advise, however, that you obtain your visa before travelling to ensure the correct visa type is issued and prevent issues on arrival.