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BSc (Hons)Show quick summary.3D Animation and Visualisation4 YearFull TimeContact us12 September 20162E4W

Study the latest developments in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), games, VFX and animation. Develop specialist skills in 3D computer animation and visualisation for broadcast media, simulation, motion graphics, visual effects or games.
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BA/BA (Hons)Show quick summary.Accountancy4 YearFull TimeContact us12 September 2016N400

Accredited by the main UK professional accountancy bodies (ICAS, ICAEW, ACCA, CIMA & CIPFA), we focus on practical content & your future employability. Along with all aspects of accountancy, you'll study topics in economics, law & management.
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BA (Hons)Show quick summary.Accountancy (GCU Pathway)4 YearFull TimeContact us29 August 2016N410

Study accountancy, economics and finance at Glasgow Clyde College and Glasgow Caledonian University. Take the Accountancy honours degree pathway and study towards an HND in Accounting followed by two years of undergraduate study at GCU.
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BSc (Hons)Show quick summary.Applied Psychology4 YearFull TimeContact us12 September 2016C810

BSc(Hons) Applied Psychology relates psychological theories to real examples. Complete certain modules of the course and you can graduate with a BSc(Hons) Applied Psychology in Counselling, Forensic, Health or Human Computer Interaction.
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BSc/BSc (Hons)Show quick summary.Audio Systems Engineering3-4 YearsFull TimeContact us12 September 2016J931

Designed for the diverse audio industry, we focus on technology & engineering used in audio equipment software from recording, mixing mastering through to distribution & transmission. Specialist themes in recording, live sound & signal processing.
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BSc/BSc (Hons)Show quick summary.Audio Technology (3rd Year Entry)1-2 YearsFull TimeContact us12 September 2016J932

Designed to broaden HND students' knowledge of the audio industry. You'll have a chance to design & develop audio applications & systems & learn about games sound, audio processing, audio interaction, audio/visual technologies & video production.
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LLBShow quick summary.Bachelor Of Laws (Fast Track LLB)2 YearFull TimeContact us12 September 2016M115

Our two-year fast track LLB is available to those who already hold an Honours degree in another discipline. The programme provides a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the principal features of the legal system and law of Scotland.
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LLBShow quick summary.Bachelor of Laws (LLB)4 YearFull TimeContact us12 September 2016M114

Accredited by the Law Society of Scotland, our LLB offers small classes and the flexibility to combine your law studies with another related discipline, including: languages, criminology, personal financial service, banking and corporate finance.
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LLBShow quick summary.Bachelor of Laws with Risk (LLB)4 YearFull TimeContact us12 September 20168B9Z

With the growth in regulation across all sectors, there is a rising need for expertise in business & legal risk. Accredited by Law Society of Scotland, this LLB offers you a specialisation in business & legal risk management to meet this demand.
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BSc (Hons)Show quick summary.Biomedical Science/Applied Biomedical Science4 YearFull TimeContact us12 September 2016B940

We combine a hospital-based placement with academic study, so you'll gain the knowledge & practical skills needed in cellular pathology, clinical biochemistry, haematology & clinical microbiology. Accredited by IBMS & approved by the HCPC.
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BEng/BEng (Hons)Show quick summary.Building Services Engineering (Year 2 and 3 entry)2-3 YearsFull TimeContact us12 September 2016K242

Focus on heating & air conditioning system design, building performance simulation & assessment, electrical systems & lighting design. Accredited by Energy Institute (EI) the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).
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BSc (Hons)Show quick summary.Building Surveying3-4 YearsFull TimeContact us12 September 2016K230

This BSc develops skills in building assessment, CAD data recording, design management as well as project management/ contract administration which are sought after within a variety of construction environments.
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BA/BA (Hons)Show quick summary.Business Management4 YearFull TimeContact us12 September 20168J9J

Study a broad business & management curriculum including work culture, financial management, international economics, marketing, HR & law. Uniquely, students who start the course from year 1 have the option of a year-long work placement in year 3.
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BSc (Hons)Show quick summary.Cell and Molecular Biology4 YearFull TimeContact us12 September 2016C760

Learn how human cells function in health & disease. Study physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, cellular communication, drug action & molecular medicine. The growing biotechnology industry offers excellent career prospects for graduates.
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BSc (Hons)Show quick summary.Cell and Molecular Biology (GCU Pathway)4 YearFull TimeContact us22 August 2016C761

Study genetics, molecular biology, cell biology and pharmacology at Glasgow Kelvin College and GCU. Take the Cell & Molecular Biology degree pathway and complete the HND in Applied Biological Sciences followed by two years undergraduate study.
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BSc (Hons)Show quick summary.Computer Games (Art and Animation)4 YearFull TimeContact us12 September 2016GW4G

This programme is designed for those who want a career games design, pre-visualisation for TV and film or in video SFX. Art and Animation combines traditional art skills with the latest creative technology in 3D art, animation and motion graphics.
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BSc (Hons)Show quick summary.Computer Games (Design)4 YearFull TimeContact us12 September 2016GWK2

Computer Games Design covers software development and computer arts. The BSc focuses on games storytelling, specialist media design and creation, and game asset integration. After Year 3, there is an option to complete a one-year, paid work placement
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BSc (Hons)Show quick summary.Computer Games (Indie Development)2 YearFull TimeContact us12 September 2016T4R2

The Indie Development programme provides a mix of practical games design and art skills, business skills and technical knowledge. Students will choose a two year pathway with a mix of modules targeted to their graduate profile skillset.
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BSc (Hons)Show quick summary.Computer Games (Software Development)4 YearFull TimeContact us12 September 2016W280

Games Software Development covers the creation of 2D and 3D graphics, 3D animation in games, the creation of thinking creatures, and the new product development and professional issues involved in the development of software.
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BEng/BEng (Hons)Show quick summary.Computer-Aided Mechanical Engineering3-4 YearsFull TimeContact us12 September 2016H131

Computer-aided mechanical engineering is a blend of mechanical engineering and systems design. A form of virtual engineering, it allows engineers to test new products or systems without having to build expensive prototypes.
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