GCU Undergraduate Scholarships


Sir Alex Ferguson Travel Bursary

The Sir Alex Ferguson Scholarship and Awards Fund was established in September 2015 to support deserving students at GCU through a combination of annual access scholarships, awards, and mobility/Travel funding.

Annual Travel Bursary awards enable students to experience life-changing opportunities, including work placements, charity work and public service commitments overseas.

What you get

Up to £1000.00 towards the cost of future travel

Who can apply

All Home/RUK undergraduate and postgraduate students who are looking to travel from May 2017 onwards through to December 2017. 

How to apply

Click here to apply 


If you would like more information please contact scholarships@gcu.ac.uk on +44 141 331 8770.

*** applications will not be considered if it is for previous travel costs.

Santander Travel Bursary

Santander Universities Mobility Scholarships of £1000 are available for GCU staff and both undergraduate and postgraduate students already studying at GCU.

This scholarship could fund spending a period of time, a semester or a study visit at another university within the Santander network. Alternatively it could be for a work related research project with a commercial partner or for GCU staff the scholarship can be used to enhance collaborative working within the Santander University network or attending work related conferences developing the awareness of GCU.

What do you get  

 £1,000 towards fees

Who can apply 

GCU staff

All undergraduate and postgraduate/ PhD students.


Applicants applying for this scholarship must be travelling to one of the following countries or to one of the Universites in the Santander Network;

  • Argentina
  • Belgium, Brazil
  • Chile, China
  • Colombia
  • Germany, Ghana
  • Mexico
  • Peru, Poland, Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Qatar
  • Russia
  • Singapore, Spain
  • Venezuela
  • United Arab Emirates, UK, Uruguay and the USA.


How to apply 

Click here to apply 

Applications will close at 5pm 28 April 2017

If you have any questions please contact Andrea Butler scholarships@gcu.ac.uk or call 0141 331 8770 

GCU Travel Bursary

GCU is pleased to be able to offer home undergraduate students travelling abroad as part of their course or for charitable/ volunteering activities a travel bursary. This bursary could be used over the summer or for university exchanges for a semester or full academic year in the following session.

For further information please contact Andrea Butler 0141 331 8770 scholarships@gcu.ac.uk 

This Scholarship will re-open in December 2016

Carnegie Fee Assistance

Are you in need of help with covering the cost of undergraduate tuition fee and are a Scottish student? Are SAAS advising you are not eligible for support with covering your tuition fee?

Please see the Website for the Carnegie Trust who may be able to help 

Applicant eligibility

  1. Applicants must be of Scottish birth or descent (at least one parent born in Scotland), or must have had at least two years' education at a secondary school in Scotland.
  2. In addition, applicants must not be eligible for support towards the cost of fees from either the Student Awards Agency for Scotland, Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales or Student Finance Northern Ireland. Part-time students, who only receive tuition fee support from SAAS and are not eligible for any grants, bursaries or loans from SAAS or for a university fee waiver scheme, may apply if the amount awarded by SAAS is less than the total amount of fees payable.
  3. Applicants must reside in Scotland during the period of the course studied.
  4. Applicants must normally have passed the examinations relating to the previous stage of their curriculum before being eligible for assistance. Assistance will not normally be given to students whose Students' Allowance awards have been withdrawn or suspended owing to examination failure or where the applicant has withdrawn from a course. If a claim is submitted by such applicants, full particulars must be given of any exceptional circumstances that may be held to account for such failure or withdrawal
  5. Deadlines are: 31 August 2016 5PM if you are renewing an award; or 1 December 2016 5PM for new applicants.

Type and level of award made

  1. Claims must be made only in respect of university fees and requests for maintenance costs cannot be considered.
  2. Applications will be subject to means testing. Successful applicants may receive either the full fees for the relevant year of study or such part thereof as may appear appropriate to the Trust, having regard to all the circumstances disclosed in the application.
  3. All awards provided by the Trust are in the form of grants, paid directly to the university attended

To submit an application form click here

SAAS - High Performance Athlete Funding Concession

This concession enabled students to apply for full-time funding (tuition fees, bursary and living-cost support) while studying part-time over two years. This enabled Scottish student athletes competing in major games to balance study with high performance training.

Following the success of the Commonwealth Games, the Scottish Government remains firmly committed to continuing to build on the opportunities these events brought, enhancing a strong Scotland wide legacy. As such, it has been agreed that this concession will be extended for those training towards selection for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia.

Athletes, who choose to study part-time over two years due to training commitments in preparation for selection for the Commonwealth Games, can apply for the same level of support as full-time students. The support is available to new and continuing students already studying full or part time. 

Because of the timing of the Games, which are early in 2018, students will have the option of taking the 2 year concession over 2016-17 and 2017-18, or over 2017-18 and 2018-19.

Students should only apply for the normal full-time tuition fee in the first year of the concession and should apply as full-time students. In the second year of this concession, students should apply for living cost support only.

Any student who has already benefited from the concession for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and/or the Rio 2016 Olympic/Paralympic Games will still be eligible for the Gold Coast 2018 Olympic/Paralympic Games concession.

The Sport Scotland Institute of Sport will give the athlete a letter of acceptance which confirms they are entitled to this concession. Students will be asked to submit this to us when they make their application for funding via SAAS

Magnus Magnusson Awards

GCU students can apply to the Magnusson Fund to support their dream project. Perhaps you would like to….

  • Create your own business?
  • Travel overseas to volunteer?
  • Set up a community project? 

What you get

Awards of up to £5,000

Who can Apply

Any student who is in their second year upwards, or to young researchers in the early stages of their academic careers. Applications from any discipline and from any part of the University or for almost any kind of proposal that will help individuals to reach their dreams are welcome.

However, judges will be especially pleased to receive applications from areas relating to any of Magnus Magnusson's personal interests, including the media, history, language, literature and the natural environment. Applicants must demonstrate achievement in their chosen area, and have a clear plan to take their work forward

How to apply

Applicants should review past Magnusson Award projects before completing this form. Go to www.gcu.ac.uk/magnusson

Then Click here  to apply

Applications close on the 10 February 2017

**Please note applications for essential elements of a degree course (e.g. payment of fees, or a vacation placement) are not eligible.

Talented Athlete Support Programme

The Talented Athlete Support Programme has been designed to assist the university's most talented promising athletes in developing their sporting potential while studying at Glasgow Caledonian. Applicants must have reached or demonstrated a particular level of standard to be considered for the programme. The Talented Athlete Support Programme is run in conjunction with Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow University and Strathclyde University. Applications for the Talented Athlete Support Programme are available early September. Please click on this link to find out further information on the Talented Athlete Support Programme

Download an application form.

Apply to Glasgow Caledonian University and take advantage of the following external scholarships on offer:


External, Partnership and other Scholarships


Saint Andrews Society of the State of New York Scholarship Fund

For the academic year 2017-18, the Society will offer Scholarships to the total value of $60,000 to enable Scottish graduates to study for a year in the United States. 

Up to two Scholarships will be offered for no less than $30,000 each. Preference will be given to candidates who have no previous experience of the United States and for whom a period of study there can be expected to be a life-changing experience.

Who can apply

Selection will be based on all-round assessment, including personality and academic achievement.

1. Candidates must be Scottish by birth or descent, and will be expected to have current knowledge of Scotland and Scottish current affairs, and of the Scottish tradition generally. The Society expects its scholars to be good ambassadors for Scotland.

2. Candidates must also be:

  • either graduates of a Scottish university, or of Oxford or Cambridge, who have completed their first degree (so as to be qualified to graduate) no earlier than 2015.
  • or students of a Scottish university, or of Oxford or Cambridge, who expect to complete their first degree (so as to be qualified to graduate) in 2016.

An Honours degree is not essential.

The closing date for this scholarship is 3 March 2017

Application forms

St Andrew Society state of New York Application

St Andrew Society state of New York Referee Report 2017

St Andrew Society state of New York Particulars 2017

Applications must be sent to;

Andrea Butler
Scholarship Adviser
Campus Life Lounge
Level 1, George Moore
Glasgow Caledonian University
Cowcaddens Road
G4 0BA

Email: scholarships@gcu.ac.uk

The Stevenson Exchange Scholarship

The Stevenson Exchange Scholarships are for the promotion of friendly relations between students of the universities of Scotland, France, Germany or Spain.

They are tenable, normally for one year, at any French, German or Spanish University. Study is not restricted to students of Modern Languages.



• Undergraduates and recent graduates of any faculty of any Scottish university.

• Not more than twenty-five years of age.Candidates should apply through their home university will be called for a short interview, which are normally held in April. The interview is an integral part of the application process, and there may be one or two questions in the relevant language.



In recent years the awards have ranged in value from £250 to £2,000. The Scholarships may be held with assistantships and other awards. A limited number of Scholarships of lower value may also be awarded for periods of not less than four months.


Additional information

Scholars are expected to make their own arrangements to attend courses in the University and will be expected to satisfy the Executive Committee that they have secured enrolment before the Scholarship is paid. They are also expected to defray their own travelling expenses to and from France, Germany and Spain.

How to apply

Application forms must be accompanied by a brief outline of the applicant’s plans for the year in the country concerned and how the scholarship might help.

Click on this link to download the Stevenson Scholarship Application Form. ‌

Applications are currently closed.



Canadian Centennial Scholarship


These awards are for postgraduate academic and artistic studies in the UK,

exclusively for students who have already commenced their postgraduate programme of study in the UK. Information and application forms for the 2017-2018 academic year will be provided in November 2016, with a deadline in early March 2017. Note that the schedule, deadline, eligibility rules and required documents are assessed each year and may be different than in previous years.

Therefore, before beginning your application you are advised to read through all the information available on this site before viewing the application form to ensure you meet the minimum eligibility criteria, are qualified to apply, and can attend the in-person interview date (late May 2017). Shortlisted applicants must attend in person for interview to be eligible for an award. There are no alternative dates and telephone, video conference/skype interviews are not permitted.

Following the interviews, successful candidates will be notified should they be chosen for an award. Awards will be provided at the end of September 2017 upon confirmation that students are continuing their programme of study for the 2017-2018 term.



To be eligible to apply for a CCSF award, an applicant must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen: proof of Canadian citizenship is required in the form of a photocopy (or pdf/jpg) of your passport details.
  • Be currently enrolled in a postgraduate programme (or equivalent) and at the time of applying be attending a full-time UK university or similar institution, and have completed at least one term of study, with at least one term remaining from September 2016. (Applicants undertaking a one-year programme are not eligible.)
  • Have very high academic standards.
  • Require funds to complete their studies.
  • Previous applicants may re-apply.


Television Production and Broadcast Journalism Undergraduate Bursaries

The Royal Television Society is offering a 'Television Production and Broadcast Journalism Undergraduate Bursary'. This scheme offers twenty awards to undergraduates from lower income backgrounds intending to pursue a career in television. 

All bursary recipients also get affiliate membership to The Hospital Club in London while studying and one year's free membership of the RTS post-graduation. In their final year of study, the RTS will aim to set up mentoring or placement opportunities with one of our many industry members.


The RTS bursary is for people who have not previously gained a degree or other higher-education qualification and have accepted an offer as their "firm choice" to study full-time on one of the accepted undergraduate courses.

Applicants must have a household income of no more than £25,000 for the Television Production bursary.

For further information and for details of how to apply, please click on RTS Bursaries

Technology Bursaries

The Royal Television Society is offering 'Technology Undergraduate Bursaries' which are aimed at encouraging some of the most talented computer and engineering undergraduates to consider a career in television. The scheme is available to talented students from lower income households applying to study engineering and computer sciences degrees - skills much in demand in the television industry.

All bursary recipients also get affiliate membership to The Hospital Club in London while studying and one year's free membership of the RTS post-graduation. In their final year of study, the RTS will aim to set up mentoring or placement opportunities with one of our many industry members. 


The RTS bursary is for people who have not previously gained a degree or other higher-education qualification and have accepted an offer as their "firm choice" to study full-time on one of the accepted undergraduate courses.

Applicants must have a household income of no more than £35,000 for the Technology Bursary and must be "home" full-time undergraduate students; applicants from other EU countries or from abroad are not eligible.

For more information and details of how to apply please click on RTS Bursaries

Funding for Study and Research in Germany

A variety of funding programmes are offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for academics and students at UK universities to study and conduct research in Germany, with funding also available for group study visits. For further information and one of our limited number of DAAD Find Funding booklets contact the Exchange and Study Abroad team within the International Office. Click on this for further information on DAAD.

Japan Society of Scotland Scholarship - Aberdeen Asset Management's Thomas Blake Glover Scholarship

Japan Society of Scotland Scholarship - Aberdeen Asset Management's Thomas Blake Glover Scholarship

The scholarship is a charitable fund which enables Scottish students to study at a Japanese university. Initiated by the Japan Society of Scotland and sponsored by Aberdeen Asset Management, the scholarship, which is now in its fourth year, is open to young Scots who are at a post-secondary educational level. The winning scholar will learn all aspects of Japanese language and culture from the Japanese writing systems to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Applications are particularly sought from young Scots who have a business focus in their interest in Japan. Applications can be made in either online form, hard copy or digital form and should take the form of no more than two A4 pages outlining the candidate’s background, interest in Japan and reasons for wishing to study the Japanese languages. Applications should be submitted to Hon Secretary of the Japan Society of Scotland, 4 Ravelston Park, Edinburgh EH4 3DX or by e-mail to charliedmond@hotmail.co.uk. The online application form is here.

Scholarships for Summer Study in India

Study & work experience programmes in India

India is now officially the fastest growing major economy in the world. There has never been a better time for you to visit India and gain first hand experience of the most diverse country on earth. Take advantage of brand new opportunities from the British Council - supported by UKIERI and delivered by IndoGenius and apply to study in India.

Since 2009, 1115 UK students have come to India on the UKIERI Study India Programme. Inspired by its phenomenal success, and the life changing experiences it has provided young people from across the UK, the British Council is launching Generation UK-India. IndoGenius, delivery partner of UKIERI Study India, will be running several cultural immersion placements this Summer. See below for brief descriptions or visit the new website for more information.

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply for our Make in India and Digital India programmes - including graduates. The Study India Programme will be open to anyone above the age of 18 enrolled at a UK university at the time of application.

Whilst you will need to pay for your international flights, vaccinations and insurance all other costs (eg. accommodation, food, transport, tuition, excursions etc.) are fully funded. Many universities will even provide additional funding for your flights if you get selected!

Activia Training Annual Scholarship Award

Activia are pleased to offer a £1,000 annual scholarship for college and university students in the UK. There is no specific course of study required, and you can use the money in whatever way that you feel benefits your studies the most.

There will be two scholarship awards of £500 each year, awarded in November and May as follows:

  • The video winner will receive £350
  • The essay format winner will receive £150

Furthermore, all entries adjudged to be of a suitable standard will be eligible for an “expenses award” as follows:

  • YouTube videos: £15
  • Blog articles: £10

Only one entry per student, per award period, is permitted.

Submissions received ON or BEFORE 31st October will be entered into the November award.
Submissions received ON or BEFORE 30th April will be entered into the May award.
Successful applicants will be contacted during the month of the award.


Submissions can be made in either video or essay format, and all the application details are available on our website at https://www.activia.co.uk/scholarship-uk.

Money for Books scholarship

Money for Books scholarship

The Scholarship Hub is a social enterprise and as such they are committed to reinvesting a percentage of our profits back in to developing new scholarships

What you get

£250 in the form of book vouchers

Who can apply

  • A full or part time undergraduate or postgraduate student with “Home” fee paying status. (Students from the EU and from overseas are not eligible to apply).
  • Enrolled as a student at a UK university for the 2016/17 academic year (evidence of this will be required with the application).

How to apply

Apply direct to The scholarship Hub by clicking on the following link http://www.thescholarshiphub.org.uk/book-scholarship

Closing date 01st February 2017

Scottish -Italian Scholarship 2017-18

Are you looking to study abroad in Italy

Scottish -Italian Scholarship 2017-18 are tenable at Italian universities

What do you get

scholarship is worth £500 - £600

Who can apply

Undergraduate students

Candidates must not be more than 25 years of age.

The scholarships may be held with assistantships and other awards at the discretion of
the committee.

Candidates nominated by their university will be called for a short interview before the Executive Committee. The interview is an integral part of the application process,
and there may be one or two questions in Italian.

How to apply 

Fill in the application attached in the link Scottish - Italian application form 2017

Provide a personal statement and 2 academic referee letters

and return to 

Andrea Butler

Scholarship Advisor

Room 8 Campus Life Lounge

George Moore Building

Deadline for application is 31 January 2017