How to give a presentation

What could be a problem for you?

  • Not getting your points over?
  • Feeling exposed?

How can this happen?

  • Stage fright - perfectly normal but can cut affect your ability to communicate.
  • Reading word-for-word and making little eye contact with audience.
  • Being too relaxed - you may seem bored and, if so, the audience will switch off.
  • Not knowing the material – try to know more (or appear to know more) than your audience.

Tip - Don't forget that everyone in your class feels the same as you do.

How to avoid it? Prepare, prepare, prepare

Consider your objectives:

  • What is the purpose of the presentation – to inform, to persuade, to educate, to entertain?
  • Who are the audience?
    - how well informed are they?
    - are they receptive/interested?
    - are you going to challenge them?
  • What do you want them to learn/know?

Structure your talk so that you tell a story – beginning, middle and end - and summarise the main points at the end.

Choose suitable media:

  • Talk + Powerpoint
  • Talk + overheads
  • Talk + handout
  • Talk + flipchart

But mostly plan to talk to the audience.

Rehearse at least once.