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South African School Children Visit

Report by Philip Wallace on a visit to GCU on Monday 15th August 2005 by school children from Realogile High School in Alexandra, a township in Johannesburg.


by Freddy Anderson. In print for the first time, published 2005 by Research Collections@GCU.

The play is based on the life of the Scottish Socialist John Maclean and was first performed in 1979 by the Easterhouse Summer Festival Comapny to mark the centenary of MacLean's birth. That year it won an Edinburgh Festival Fringe First and was widely performed and praised throughout Scotland.

Copies are available from Research Collections@GCU retail price 7.99. Contact Philip Wallace, Saltire Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University.

Radical Glasgow

The book, Radical Glasgow: a skeletal sketch of Glasgow's radical tradition by John Couzin is now available online.

Chile and Scotland: 30 years on

Witness Seminar and Open Forum: The other September 11th  (1973) held at Glasgow Caledonian University on 29 November 2003

Resources on Settlements at Heatherbank Museum

Social Work History Network Conference 2003

Held on 26-27 June 2003 at Heatherbank Museum of Social Work

Understanding change in Russia : the contemporary relevance of Marx's thought

The first Research Collections lecture given by Bob Arnot on 12 May 2003.

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Radical Glasgow

A skeletal sketch of Glasgow's radical tradition.