Research Staff Development (CREDO)

The University has established a forum to provide cross-institutional support for research staff development. A co-ordinating group known as CREDO (Caledonian Research Excellence Development Opportunities) has been set up to guide this development, reporting to the University Research Committee.

The group, chaired by the Director Academic Research Development, includes School Associate Deans of Research and Research Institute Directors, the Graduate School, and People Services, all of whom contribute to the development of researchers at GCU.  Research active staff are also represented on the CREDO group. A specific aim of the group is to focus on supporting the development of research excellence across the University as part of the preparation of the internal environment contributing to the submission to the next REF exercise. GCU is a recipient of the European Commission HR Excellence in Research Award (2013).

CREDO also draws on the expertise of members of the GCU Research Peer Review College in contributing to the shaping and delivery of development opportunities for research staff. The CREDO Framework describing the provision of staff development opportunities has been agreed by the University Research Committee and is available to download from the GCU staff portal webpages and document management system

 The types of researcher development support delivery included in the CREDO framework are set out below.

Further details on staff development provision appropriate to your needs (see categories below)..

  • Induction training for Research Staff
  • Contract research staff
  • Early Career Researchers
  • Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators
  • Research Leaders
  • Research Administrators

..can be accessed from the Research Hub/CREDO area of the internal GCYOU staff portal

Career development

Advice on career development, career opportunities, academic promotions, the People Passport, and other staff resources including the Development library can be accessed from the People Services section of the GCYOU internal staff portal.

Equality and Diversity

The University is a member of the Athena Swan in Charter and is committed to achieving the Athena Swan Bronze level award. Membership provides us with a clear focus and structure for improving the recruitment, retention and promotion of female academic staff in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM) subject areas. GCU also participates in the Leadership Foundation Aurora programme for aspiring women leaders in universities.

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