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Cutting Edge Learning

Glasgow Caledonian University's Campus Development project is creating one of the UK's most innovative and state-of-the-art learning environments for students.

The University will have a modern and dynamic campus that reflects the ethos of the University's 2010 Vision, as well as provides the physical infrastructure to support its aims.

It will also be fully inclusive in terms of accessibility and therefore responsive to the needs of staff, students and visitors.

The Saltire Centre

The most significant part of the Campus Development project is the development of the new Saltire Centre. Situated at the heart of the University’s City Centre campus, it has been designed to provide innovative and flexible space to meet the learning needs of students, businesses and the local community.

The new building will form a significant centrepiece to the Glasgow Caledonian campus. In particular, its illuminated copper tower will reaffirm the University’s position in the heart of Glasgow .

Housing the University Library, the Saltire Centre will increase the number of study spaces on campus to 1,800 – creating a higher than average ratio of students to study spaces than in traditional universities.

It will make use of full wireless technology – enabling students to access the internet using laptops, tablets or PDAs anywhere in the building, further increasing the flexibility of the learning space. The Centre will also contain a student’s services mall, which will provide a central location for a wide range of services including learner support, counselling, careers advice and registration.

A new learning café will be located in the Centre, where students, staff and members of the public can access the internet, complementing the existing provision in the Caledonian Library and Information Centre, where the current library facilities are located.

Scheduled for completion during 2005/06 academic year, the building was officially “topped out” by the University’s Chancellor Magnus Magnusson in September 2004.

The innovation in design does not end with the structure of the building. Plans are also being developed for the interior design and a number of groups in the University are looking at how the Centre can be used most effectively. In addition, the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama is producing a piece of music for the Saltire Centre’s opening ceremony, and a lighting strategy and the possibility of commissioning public works of art are also being explored.

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