Pre-registration nursing students gain experience in a wide variety of placements throughout their programme of study. These placements are tailored to enhance student learning in relation to the theoretical component of each module and, of equal importance, allow students the opportunity to engage in practice learning which incorporates supervised skill acquisition.

Placements are usually grouped to identify which area of service they relate to; read the information for each of these placement groups and then click on the link to access current placement profile information for specific wards/departments/areas of service.

The placement profiles detailed on this site are based on audit information obtained from each of the practice areas in question. Please be aware however that placement information can change regularly. If the information on this site differs from the placement notification details provided by the university please:

  • Contact the relevant practice area to confirm the details of your placement in the first instance

  • Let us know about any inaccuracies by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ button on this site