School of Health and Life Sciences  

Dr Paul McCarthy

My research spans social, cognitive and biological psychology. In particular, I am interested in three lines of research. First, understanding how emotions (especially positive emotions) influence motivation and attention in sport performers. This research also examines the development of expertise from a social (e.g., developmental activities) and cognitive perspective (e.g., expert-novice differences in learning using eye-tracking). Second, my colleagues and I examine challenge and threat motivation in sport performers from a social and biological psychology perspective. Finally, I explore interventions to examine how teams could perform more effectively through personal disclosure and mutual sharing.
The following research questions are under investigation:

How does personality related to swing speed among golfers?
Do expert/novice differences emerge in green reading among golfers?
Could writing about putting performance help golfers putt better?
Does age affect putting performance in professional golf?
Does induced positive emotion enhance attention on mental and physical tasks?