Corbett, Alistair

Dr Alistair Corbett

Head of Department of Life Sciences
After finishing my PhD in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Glasgow, I took up a post-doctoral position with Professor Hans Kosterlitz in the Unit for Research on Addictive Drugs at Aberdeen University in 1978. Hans Kosterlitz was the doyen of opioid pharmacology and this was an exciting time to work in the field being only a few years after Kosterlitz and Hughes had isolated the enekephalins, first endogenous opioid peptides (“endorphins”). Although the position was initially only for one year, it heralded the start of a collaboration and friendship which lasted for nearly 17 years.

Working with this brilliant and dedicated man led to more than 30 joint publications and a lasting interest in opioids. While continuing collaboration with Hans Kosterlitz, I took up a Lecturing position in Pharmacology at Aberdeen University in 1989 before coming to Glasgow Caledonian University in 1995.