The Team

Tahseen Jafry - ProfileGlasgow Caledonian University leads the way in the emerging field of Climate Justice research.

As Director of the Centre, Professor Tahseen Jafry leads Glasgow Caledonian University’s contribution to international development, undertaking research, speaking and teaching projects for governments and global NGO’s including United Nations (IFAD), Department for International Development (DFID), World Bank, CABI International, GFRAS (Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services) and US Agency for International Development (USAID).

The following academics are members of the team.

Dr Rachel Russell

Rachel is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology in the Glasgow School for Business and Society at Glasgow Caledonian University. Rachel’s teaching and research interests centre on issues surrounding human rights and equality and diversity with a particular focus upon gender and youth.

She has participated in a number of funded research projects including:

  • ‘Positive Action for Career Entry and Progression for Black and Ethnic Minorities in Employment in Scotland’ (EQUAL)
  • ‘Minority Ethnic Young People’s Experience of Policing in Edinburgh and the Greater Glasgow Area’ (Strathclyde and Lothian and Borders Police)
  • ‘Young disabled people’s experience of consumer culture’
  • ‘The Sexualisation of Goods Aimed at Children’ (Equal Opportunities Committee, Scottish Parliament)

Dr Mark Phillipson

Mark is a lecturer within the School of Engineering and Built Environment, teaching students on the use of energy within buildings and associated carbon impacts that are central to current mitigation activity.

Mark has been engaged with research evaluating the built environment for over 20 years, during which he has worked on a wide range of research studies evaluating environmental performance within the built environment and as a consequence has contributed to the work of government regulators, international research groups, community groups and business. 

A particular area of research interest has been the identification of impacts associated with climate change for the future built environment and the consequential adaptation agenda that emerges.

Mark co-authored one of the fundamental documents that led to the current awareness and adaptation debate of climate change impacts for the built environment within the UK. 

Dr Charles Russell

Charles has worked with the university since 2006, originally within the Caledonian Environment Centre, and he has extensive experience in the measurement, reporting and management of greenhouse gases inventories and policies, strategies and technology and behaviour change based solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

His research interests include fuel Poverty and climate equality issues in Nigeria, Carbon management in Public Sector organizations – strategy, reporting, CRC and implementation of effective reduction programmes, greenhouse gas emissions in the waste management sector and carbon management in the Food and Drink Sector. 

His research projects have included:

  • Carbon Management for the Scottish Prison Service (2009/10)
  • Going Carbon Neutral Stirling – Carbon Cutter Application and Technical Support (2009/10)
  • Carbon Management for Dumfries and Galloway Council (2008/09)
  • Emissions verification for Fife/Edinburgh Routes for Stagecoach Group and offsetting with Global Trees
  • Evaluation of Renewable Energy Options for the Sports and Community Centre in Greengairs