Climate Justice is becoming an increasingly important topic and is expected to grow in relevance as climate issues have more global impact, requiring domestic and international policy making to focus on values, ethics and justice.

GCU has responded to the requirements of the modern climate justice professional with the launch of a unique MSc Climate Justice programme.

The programme provides in-depth understanding, analysis and knowledge about the principles that underpin climate justice - human rights, development and climate change. The programme is tailored to provide a practical angle to climate justice to allow students to graduate with a Masters which provides them with skills, approaches and methodologies for addressing climate justice in their future work plans. It can be studied full-time for one year or part-time over two years.

Programme content includes: an overview of our resources; climate change and carbon management; climate justice; human rights, gender and development; environmental ethics; adaptation and mitigation; water, justice and public health; and renewable energy technologies.

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