Centre for Living

Providing research excellence in health and social care research

Forms of life and living have become major areas of global concern over the past decade. The underlying philosophy of the Centre for Living is that living is no longer reductive in any biological sense and that scientific advancement in two major areas of living – management of long-term conditions and maintaining and improving public health - requires reflection not only on the biological conditions of living but also the lived experience in order to understand ‘what works, how and for whom?’. This conception of living as both biological and experiential requires close rapport between the biological and human sciences. The Centre for Living seeks to empower the creative autonomy of researchers to address fundamental questions of real significance and applied questions with potential to change the lived experience of people.

With respect to the 2020 strategy and beyond, the Centre will make a significant contribution to the Healthy Lives themes, but also more widely to Inclusive Societies and Sustainable Environments. By applying our research to address these societal challenges, the Centre for Living is strategically aligned to the University mission for the Common Good. We will create a state-of-the-art Centre that supports world-leading translational research, international learning and teaching strategies and links with the health and social care agenda of the UK and Scottish governments, as well as global health and care initiatives.