Social Innovation

“Glasgow Caledonian University is trailblazing in Scotland in this area and I think that is probably an indication of how connected Glasgow Caledonian is to the wider community. "
Mel Young, Founder of the Big Issue in Scotland and President of the Homeless World Cup

“Social innovations are new ideas (products, services and models) that simultaneously meet social needs (more effectively than alternatives) and create new social relationships or collaborations.” - The Social Innovation eXchange (SIX) and the Young Foundation for the Bureau of European Policy Advisors.

The first Social Frontiers Research Conference took place at Glasgow Caledonian University's London campus, bringing together 120 individuals from across the world with the aim of strengthening the community of social innovation researchers. The conference itself was organised through a collaboration of Nesta, TEPSIE (The Young Foundation), The Rockefeller Foundation and Glasgow Caledonian University. The conference also had support from the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX), DESIS Network and the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford.

There is a growing recognition that Social Innovation has a crucial role to play in economic development. This shift in focus will have a significant impact on many areas including research and knowledge transfer and will inevitably lead to a sea-change in the way we deliver and measure our activities over the coming years.

To address these developments, Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) seeks to define and characterise Social Innovation but also to challenge its emergence as an important focus of policymaking, especially within Europe.

The Social Innovation Network based at GCU is a mechanism through which academics, practitioners, policymakers, citizens and other stakeholders can access support information, collaborate on projects or funding bids, debate and discuss social innovation issues, update news and events information, and access research and academic literature on social innovation.‌