Sustainable Cities & Communities

Sustainability assessment in buildings and cities; urban heat island and its mitigation, urban Green Infrastructure, climate change and built environment risk, Geo informatics, municipal waste management, urban regeneration policy and planning, fuel poverty eradication, housing refurbishment policy, carbon management in the built environment.

Research Leader: Professor Rohinton Emmanuel

Current PhD/MPhil projects

Project Title

Effectiveness of Implementing Functions of 5D Building Information Modelling on Professions of Quantity Surveying

Reduce an automobile dependency in fast growing cities, by enhancing a sustainable public transport approach

Managing Client Expectations in New Build Housing

The relative Importance of Driving Forces Attributed to Rework Within the Construction Industry

Safety citizenship behaviour in construction industry

Framework for the management of airport infrastructure facilities in Abuja, Nigeria

Assessment of H&S integration with Building Information Modelling (BIM) and its improvement

Safety Citizenship in Oil and Gas Sector

An evaluation of incentive schemes in the delivery of public sector projects in Nigeria: A case study of the federal ministry of lands, housing and urban development

Correlation between BIM maturity levels and information latency cycles

Integrated 3D Laser Scanning and BIM for the Development of Accurate as-Built Building Information Models

Built Environment Asset Management (BEAM) Systems in the Health Care Arena

BIM Level 2: The supply chains perspective

Identifying the real carbon abatement potential of Scottish non-domestic properties through building engineering interventions

A GIS approach to assessing land covers changes in the Niger Delta Region with a view to promoting sustainable development, equitable land use and environmental justice

Dynamic Performance of Tall Reinforced Concrete Buildings Subject to Wind Load

Investigation into the self-sufficiency of Space Heating within a Domestic Property utilising Solar Gain - NE Scotland

New generation high performance cementitious composites for safer and more cost-effective infrastructure

Dynamic Performance of Tall Reinforced Timber Buildings Subject to Wind and Earthquake

Assessing environmental and financial equilibrium in the existing built environment

Creating a sustainable urban environment for older people:  exploring the needs and supply mismatch of the social housing stock through a participatory approach

Developing a collaborative strategy creation model, to optimise the delivery of strategic objectives within merged and merging housing associations

The Politics of Climate Justice and Smallholder Agriculture in Malawi

Ground source renewable energy map for Glasgow

The unintended consequences of improving the thermal performance of the existing housing stock

Revisiting urban regeneration: a framework to enhance learning in urban regeneration decision making based on a spatio-temporal approach

Energy conservation and management in the industrial sector of Pakistan

Improving Indoor Radio Signal Propagation in Modern Domestic and non-domestic Buildings (with advanced thermal insulation) for Environmental Sensing and External Communication

Investigation into best available techniques for the safe treatment of effluent and sludge from a pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plant

Low cost solar collector

Air quality as a function of air movement in swimming pools

An investigation into socio-environmental challenges and proliferation of informal settlements in Zambia from a climate justice perceptive

Exploring the crises of environmental refugees in Nigeria using a climate justice framework

Effect of air movement in cavities on the thermal and moisture performance of walls

The unintended consequences of low fabric infiltration air rates on the operation of smoke control pressurisation systems

An examination of the effect of fire on thermally efficient walls containing polymeric insulation

The potential for Scotland to address affordable warmth through the development of community heating systems

Exploring the role of communicative planning in facilitating a modal shift towards active travel within the transport infrastructure planning process

Renewable heat energy recovery from water and air in the Glasgow Subway system

Lime Based Mortars’ (LBMs) Performance Assessment: Empirical Re-Appraisal of the Existing Building Standards

Novel and cost effective transparent insulation material for solar energy application

Developing a Building Sustainability Assessment System Based on Whole Life Sustainability Value

Establishing a performance measurement model for healthcare estates

Solidification and stabilisation of heavy metal contaminated sediment with the use of Zeolites

Fuel Poverty Amelioration within a Low Carbon Society

Understanding the Political Landscape and Evaluation of the Public Opinions on Climate Justice/Injustice in the UK

Connecting Climate Justice and Climate Change Adaptation: the case of Food Security

Whole life carbon and energy feasibility of reused shipping containers for housing

Fire Analysis and Design of Tall Timber Buildings