Building Resilience and Environment

Energy efficiency in buildings, building energy performance, non-conventional sources of local heat and energy, novel building materials, water quality, waste water treatment,  geotechnical engineering; Environmental Impact Assessment.

Research Leader: Professor Ole Pahl

Current PhD/MPhil projects

Project Title

Evaluation of the chronic impact of pharmaceuticals on freshwater organisms

Evaluation of the potential of anaerobic treatment of waste waters to reduce chronic environmental impact due to pharmaceutical residues

Isolation of cellulose-degrading microorganisms and some applications for preservation of the environment

The environmental effects of implementation of offshore wind turbines close to small coastal communities

Developing a sustainable waste management system for commercial waste in developing countries

Surface chemistry and sorption properties of microbes from Three Domains of Life (Archaea, Bacteria and Eukaryotes) vs their metabolic response: integrating approach using chemistry and microbiology methods

Detection and enumeration of soonotic pathogens in agricultural effluents

Optimisation of coagulation and filtration for water treatments

Quantification of heavy metals in surface water from the paint industry effluant in Enugu State, Nigeria - towards reducing water pollution

Assessment of the Quality of Waste Derived Fuel as a Feedstock for Advanced Thermal (Energy from Waste) Plants

Sustainable use of vegetation for slope stabilisation - the hydrological and mechanical effects of vegetation in protection against landslide and erosion

Formation of by-products and assessment of their toxicity in the treatment of organic persistent pollutants from water

Understanding the Chemistry of Drill Cutting Before and After Treatment

The LC-MS/MS Analysis of Antibacterial Pharmaceuticals and their Environmental Significance in Clyde Catchment Area

Remote Sensing application on waste criminal

Anaerobic Co-digestion of Dairy Cattle Manure with Grass Silage, Thistle Silage, Milk Wastes and Ice Cream Wastes for the production of Biogas

Improvement of water and waste water services through upgrade of asset and contruction of new asset to improve service delivery

Systematic assessment of the formation and toxicity of by-products in the treatment of organic micro pollutants by advanced oxidation

The removal of pharmaceuticals from waste water by anaerobic digestion

Determination and identification of pharmaceuticals, personal care products (PCP) and thier metabolites in waste water by LCMS/MS

Ecotoxicological Study of Pharmaceutical Residues in Wastewater Post Anearobic Digestion

Safe water provision through community participation: testing the efficacy of a new integrative community engagement model

Practical engagement of developing world communities in safe water provision - sub Saharan Africa

Cognitive Radio Networks for Asset management in Oil and gas Industry