Witness Seminar and Open Forum Series (No 1)

The Upper Clyde Shipbuilders (UCS) Work In: 30th Anniversary
Recorded on 18 May 2002

This event was the first in the series and was organised in association with the University's Centre for Contemporary History.  It commemorated the 30th anniversary of the UCS work-in and brought together many of those involved.  An exhibition was also organised for this event and as well as highlighting the numerous UCS related items across our collections, it recorded the motivation and inspiration behind some of the writings on the subject.  This exhibition, along with Govan Initiative's impressive exhibition housed in the Mitchell Library in Glasgow to commemorate the 30th anniversary, are both available for consultation at the University Archives.

"It ranks as one of the greatest achievements in the history of the Scottish trades union movement, a long and arduous struggle that secured the survival of shipbuildings on Clydeside and saved thousands from unemplyment. It was a struggle like no other before: not a strike, not a work-to-rule, not a sit-in. But a work-in"
(The Right to Work: the 30th Anniversary of the UCS work-in, Govan Workspace Ltd, 2001)

In collaboration with Spoken Word Services

Part 1 (Panel contribution): 1 hour, 10 minutes, 3 seconds


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Part 2 (Open forum) : 56 minutes, 35 seconds


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Part 3 (Open forum and panel sum-up) : 18 minutes, 31 seconds


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