Witness Seminar and Open Forum Series (No 6)

Heatherbank (Museum of Social Work) at 30
Recorded on 22 April 2005

Heatherbank Museum of Social Work is the only Museum totally dedicated to Social Work and welfare in Europe. The Museum resources tell the story of many aspects of social care and social welfare developments mainly in Scotland, over the past 200 years.

This Witness Seminar and Open Forum celebrates 30 years of Heatherbank's contribution to the social work community and to soicety in general. Aprii 2005 saw the completion of the third curatorship of the Museum and with changes at the University, the seminar also investigates the place of the Museum in the social work community in the future.

The public gallery of Heatherbank Museum closed permanently on 23 December 2004 however the resources are still used by researchers as part of Research Collections.

In collaboration with Spoken Word Services

Part 1 : 1 hour, 14 minutes, 54 seconds


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Part 2 : 40 minutes, 8 seconds


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