Mrs Barbour's Army - words by A Hulett

In the tenements o' Glesga in the year one nine one five
It was one lang bloody struggle tae keep ourselves alive
We were coontin' oot the coppers tae buy wor scraps o' food
When the landlords pit the rent up just because they could A' the factories were hummin', there was overtime galore
But the wages they were driven doon tae subsidise the war
Oot came Mrs. Barbour fae her wee bit single end
She said I'll organise the lassies if i cannae rouse the men

'Cos I'm fae Govan an' ye're fae Partick
This yin here's fae Bridge O'Weir and thon's fae Kinning Park
There's some that's Prots, there's some that's Catholic
But we're Mrs. Barbour's Army and we're here tae dae the wark

Mrs. Barbour made a poster sayin' we'll no' pay higher rent
Then chapped on every door of every Govan tenement
She said "pit this in the windae an' when ye hea me bang the drum
We'll run oot an' chase the factor a' the way tae kingdom come"
When the poor wee soul cam' roon he was battered black and blue
By a regiment in pinnies that knew just whit tae do
Mrs. Barbour organised the gaitherin' o' the clans
And they burst oot o' the steamie armed wi' pots an fryin' pans

Mrs. Barbour's Army spread through Glesga like the plague
The maisters got the message and the message wisnae vague
While oor menfolk fight the Kaiser we'll stay hame and fight the war
Against the greedy bastards who keep grindin' doon the poor
If ye want tae stop conscription stand and fight the profiteers
Bring the hale big bloody sandpit crashin' doon aroon' their ears
We'll no' starve said Mrs' Barbour, while the men we ca' wor ain
Are marchin' add tae hae their hairt's blood washed like watter doon a drain

Well it didnae tak' the Government that lang tae realise
If ye crack doon on the leaders then the rest will compromise
They arrested Mrs. Barbour and they clapper her in the jile
But they made an awfy big mistake, they let her oot on bail
She ca'd the men oot o' the factories on the Clyde and on the Cart
They marched up tae the courthoose sayin' we'll tear the place apart
Mrs. Barbour's Army brought the maisters tae their knees
We' a regiment in pinnies backed by one in dungarees


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