GCU Connect Mentoring

The aim of the GCU Connect Mentoring Programme is to provide a forum for discussions to take place between GCU Connect registered alumni to assist in career and personal development. Members can share their professional and personal experience and expertise with each other and the connections made within this program will help our alumni gain useful insights into how they can best manage their career development.

Expectations. Mentors can help Mentees to:

  • Gain a sense of their career goals
  • Have access to advice from people who have been successful in their chosen profession
  • Explore their motivation for their chosen field, encouraging them to gain exposure to a professional environment through volunteer work, internships and shadowing
  • Develop work skills and accomplish specific goals

Mentors are not expected to offer their mentees jobs or internships and Mentees should not expect this of their Mentors.

How to Register for the programme

  • Becoming a mentor is easy – just log in to GCU Connect and check “Be a mentor” under your “Willing to help” settings, found in your profile.
  • If a fellow alum wishes for you to be their mentor, you will receive a mentorship request through the portal and be notified by email. You can then view the profile of the alum requesting your mentorship and decide whether or not you’d like to mentor that person. If you accept, you can message that individual through the portal and begin your relationship. You can accept as many mentoring requests, and only as many, as you like. You may also adjust your “Willing to help” settings at any time.

Helpful tips for a successful mentoring relationship

  • Be respectful of each other’s time and express appreciation often.
  • Clearly define your expectations (time, preferred method of contact, etc.) and goals of the relationship.
  • Respectfully provide each other with feedback, knowing that feedback does not need to be followed.
  • Remember that the goals of the mentee are the priority.
  • Keep the relationship professional.