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The Caledonian Academy is a centre for research  in Technology Enhanced Professional Learning located in Glasgow, UK. In an era when learning is vital for the economy and society, we are investigating the central role of learning in solving the major challenges facing society. We work with multinational companies, professional organisations and public bodies around the world.

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We have long-standing partnerships with multinational companies like Shell, BP International, Phillips66 and Centrica. We work with professional organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments, the Energy Institute and the Higher Education Academy. Our funding is from these organisations and from funding bodies such as the Economic and Social research Council, the European Commission, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Higher Education Funding Council for England, Jisc and others. In our work with these, and other, commercial partners and research centres we are surfacing insights into professional learning that are being transferred into innovative solutions having impact across the public and private sectors.

For example, we worked in partnership with Shell International to look at how to improve employees’ learning productivity during transition from university to the workplace. Our research focussed on sharing collective knowledge and using emerging technologies to improve knowledge flow between novices and experts within the organisation. Recommendations for new approaches to learning helped Shell to make sure graduate employees learn quickly and effectively to accelerate their learning as they move into the world of work. 

Our work with the Energy Institute, Shell, Philips66 and Centrica has led to the development of a Toolkit to improve Learning From Incidents. The Toolkit is being trialled in the energy and health sectors and disseminated by the Energy Institute to member organisations worldwide.

We provided the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments with a tool to help their members to self-assess how actively they self-regulate their learning. The Tool can provide  suggestions for how to become a more active learning through improving self-regulated learning skills.

BP International is using the insights we provided them on the relationships between safety culture and learning culture. 




Open Educational Resources

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LFI Engage

The LFI-Engage project aims to explore how the effectiveness of learning from incidents (LFI) can be improved in practice in organisations.
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CA Visitor Programme

The Caledonian Academy welcomes applications from experienced researchers to undertake visiting fellowships of between two weeks and one year funded by external bodies.  

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