Student Engagement and Partnership Working

At GCU we want every student to feel able to participate in and influence their own learning experience. We believe that engaging with our students and working in partnership across the University is central to the delivery of excellence in learning and an outstanding student experience. This is reflected in our newly developed partnership agreement – GCU Community: Working Together in Partnership – which was produced by students and staff and is fully supported by the University and Students’ Association.

There are two dimensions to student engagement at GCU:

  • Engaging students in their own learning
  • Engaging students in shaping learning, teaching and the wider student experience

We will provide a wide range of opportunities for you to engage with the University and influence your learning experience. This could be within your own academic programme or you might like to get involved with wider University initiatives and activities.

To ensure that student engagement is accessible to all students we encourage participation in a broad range of ways. You can get involved in relatively quick activities, such as completing module evaluation questionnaires or providing feedback to class reps, or you can have more in-depth involvement, such as undertaking a student representative role or engaging in academic quality processes. All levels of student engagement are valuable and contribute to the individual and collective student voice being heard.